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Showroom 3D
3D designer kitchen showroom


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spacer  Kitchen Space Studio - Designer kitchen.


Our company specializes in designing, realization and installation of high quality kitchen furniture. In our team we have professional designers, carpenters and fitters with many years of experience in this trade.


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We realize the finished projects, as well as take care of individual orders from customers, considering their needs and suggestions in terms of arranging the kitchen space.  The possibility to adjust the measurements of the kitchen cupboards along with the involvement of high quality materials, allows us to create a personal and individual unique kitchen style. We try our best to design and create functional and comfortable kitchens. We can also present you a 3D visualization of the project we made. Such visualization fully reflects the resemblance of the interior and allows us to imagine how the real project would look like, presenting us a design of a kitchen before it is even made.


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We guarantee complex and professional services, starting from creating a project, through realization and eventually the installation of the kitchen. We offer a wide range of patterns and colours of the kitchen fronts, kitchen cabinets and worktops.




Anyone interested is more than welcome to contact us.


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