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Showroom 3D
3D designer kitchen showroom




In terms of the fronts made from MDF and laminated board, we are cooperating with The Kobax company.
The Kobax  is a brand well known in Europe which continually adapts its products to the customers needs. The Kobax furniture doors are characterized by their high quality and variety of their implementation. The company offers fronts in an unusual, original but also a classic style. There is a full range of Kobax furniture doors on our website.

kobax laminated boards



The Drewpol company is a well known and reputable worldwide brand, which specializes in the production of solid wood fronts. It is characterized by extraordinary design and sophisticated style. Drewpol furniture doors are made from the best quality raw materials. The company offers a wide range of classic and modern fronts.

Take a look at the arrangement of kitchen furniture using the Drewpol fronts.




In our kitchens we use the latest technology as proposed by the reputable BLUM company, to facilitate and improve the practical use within the kitchen.




  • AVENTOS - lift system (they fold, lift and wing up and over)
  • CLIP top BLUMOTION - hinge system for all applications.
  • TANDEMBOX, TANDEMBOX INTIVO,  METABOX -  box system for metal drawers.
  • MOVENTO, TANDEM, STANDARD - runner system for wooden drawers.
  • ORGA-LINE - inner dividing system.
  • BLUMOTION - soft and quiet close for lift system, pull-outs and doors.
  • SERVO-DRIVE - electric motion support system by BLUM is mesmerizingly easy.
  • TIP-ON - mechanical opening system for handleless furniture.
 blum brand kitchen cabinets